Big Weekend: Liverpool v Man Utd, Bournemouth, Fernandes

Game to watch – Liverpool v Manchester United
Manchester United have form for ruining unbeaten runs. It was the Red Devils who ended the two longest streaks in Premier League history when Arsenal’s Invincibles came a cropper at Old Trafford after 49 games in 2004, a year before Chelsea’s 40-match sequence was brought to a screeching halt. Read more

Big Weekend: Spurs v Liverpool, Lampard, Everton, Matic

Game to watch – Tottenham v Liverpool
How Jose Mourinho would relish being the manager to halt Liverpool’s march towards invincibility. In years gone by, he might have been well fancied to pull it off, but in the here and now it is difficult to imagine a worse time for Mourinho’s Tottenham to be facing the rampant Reds. Read more

Big Weekend: Liverpool v Everton, Solskjaer, Arsenal…

Game to watch: Liverpool v Everton
I must confess to being apathetic about FA Cup third-round weekend in recent years. I am not alone. This time last year, Ian Watson wrote that ‘after the Lord Mayor’s show comes the sh*t-cart’ as he did not even pretend to be interested in a weekend that saw Manchester United given a home draw against a Championship side, Spurs given the task of twa**ing Tranmere and a long wait until Monday for the tie of the round between Wolves and Liverpool. This season feels different: six ties are on the telly and six ties are genuinely bloody interesting. We will probably lose our enthusiasm by the time Gillingham v West Ham rolls around on Sunday night but we are absolutely ‘all in’ for the Merseyside derby. Read more

Big Midweek: Arsenal v Man Utd, Guendouzi, West Ham, Mourinho

Game to watch – Arsenal vs Manchester United
Arsenal were generally better against Chelsea, but it was alarming just how quickly and familiarly it all fell apart. Yes, Bernd Leno was individually responsible for the equaliser, but his side had ceded control of that game long before he missed Mason Mount’s cross. A goal had been coming. Maybe not like that, but it had been coming and Mikel Arteta seemed helpless to change that momentum. Read more

Big Weekend: Wolves v City, Mendy, Leicester, Lamps, Leeds

Game to watch – Wolves vs Manchester City
At Molineux and under the lights on Friday night. Their performance against Leicester aside, City remain a distracted presence in the Premier League. They retain their power, but it’s not showing in quite the same way as it did last season. At the same time, the defence remains in the kind of flux that a team like Wolves, with all that movement and ability in their forward line, are well placed to capitalise upon. Read more

Big Boxing Day: Leicester v Liverpool, Pogba, Mourinho, City

Game to watch – Leicester v Liverpool
This should not be a contest. After 17 games, Liverpool have more points than Leicester have accrued in nine of their 13 full Premier League seasons. An away victory at the King Power Stadium would bring them to 52, equalling the Foxes’s haul from last campaign even before they have played half of their matches. Read more

Big Weekend: Spurs v Chelsea, Arteta, Leicester, Liverpool

Game to watch – Tottenham v Chelsea
There is a danger in analysing and scrutinising each and every Jose Mourinho word and action. The Portuguese has established such an aura and reputation that he cannot move, speak or think without tedious phrases such as ‘mind games’ or ‘siege mentality’ being attached. Read more

Big Midweek: Red Bull v Liverpool, Rudiger, Spurs

Game to watch – Red Bull Salzburg v Liverpool
Jurgen Klopp has far, far more credit in the bank than Roberto Di Matteo, who became the first manager in history to take a team from Champions League winners to group-stage failures in the same calendar year in 2012, so while Chelsea acted swiftly to sack the Italian, Klopp would be safe from harm. But it would be a tad embarrassing. This was not seen as a troublesome group and yet Liverpool have run into trouble, the run-away English champions-elect struggling against Italy’s seventh-best side. Read more

Big Weekend: Man City v Man Utd, Mourinho, Chelsea

Game to watch – Manchester City v Manchester United
“United results against the best teams this season have been good. Chelsea, Liverpool, Leicester. For the way they play it is easier for them. They are not afraid to have a defensive approach. It is easier for them against better teams, against teams who want more of the ball,” said Jose Mourinho. And he really should know about the advantages of a defensive approach. And it really wasn’t a dig, but rather an expression of envy that the one thing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has perfected at Old Trafford is the art of competing with better sides. They have won two and drawn two of their four matches against Big Six teams this season, with a home win over second-placed Leicester City for good measure. While nobody associated with United should be happy with a points total less than half of Liverpool’s 43, nobody associated with United should be particularly terrified of going to the Etihad on Saturday. Read more