Sell Bitcoins In Nigeria Using Cardtonic Mobile App

Have you ever been defrauded of your hard-earned bitcoin? If yes, how would you like to avoid such ever occurring again? And if no, how would you like to ensure that such never occurs to you?

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Hiruy Amanuel Discusses Some of the Hidden Costs Involved in Accepting Venture Capital

Every startup business is likely to experience capital formation issues, which often cause young businesses to suffer delays and competitive disadvantages that can stifle growth or keep a company from ever really getting off of the ground. Venture capital funding is a fantastic source of necessary startup capital. When working with the right investors, startups can have amazing access to high-level advice and talent along with the cash they need to operate and grow. As is the case with most benefits, however, there can be costs. In this article, tech investment expert Hiruy Amanuel discusses some of the potential pitfalls involved in accepting venture capital investments that are not always obvious. Read more