20 Online Shopping Sites With Free International Shipping

The rise of online shopping has made international shipping the conveyor belt of the world. You can order a didgeridoo from Australia and it’ll turn up on your doorstep in Iceland within the week. But, because international shipping doesn’t come cheap it’ll probably cost you a fortune. Read more

Do You Really Need Cell Phone Insurance? The Facts and Best Plans

According to surveys, around 33 percent of smartphone owners have lost or broken their phones. If the thought of this happening to you is a concern, it’s worth considering phone insurance.

But what does smartphone insurance cover? What does it cost? And is mobile phone insurance worth it? Let’s find out. Read more

How to Use Your Apple or iTunes Gift Card

Not everyone knows how to use an iTunes gift card.

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It all depends on which gift card you’ve received. The good news is that Apple credit is often versatile. which means you can use it for all sorts of purchases. Everything from apps and music to subscriptions and accessories is fair game. Read more