Google to fix Google Photos bug that gave iPhones unlimited original storage

Google has confirmed that unlimited, original quality Google Photos backups for iPhones are in fact a bug, and that it’s working to fix the situation.

It emerged last week that recent iPhones can apparently take advantage of free unlimited picture backups at original quality via Google Photos. Redditor stephenvsawyer posted the discovery to the r/apple subreddit (h/t: 9to5Mac), along with a possible explanation. Read more

You won’t get unlimited original quality photo backups with your Google Pixel 4

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Every entry in the main line of Pixel smartphones has come with a nice perk: the ability to backup as many photos and videos as you want at their original quality through Google Photos. However, the Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL photo backup system won’t allow for this. Read more