Plan Picks: Note 10 Plus or Pixel 4 from $15/month with Sprint Flex Lease

Plan Picks is bringing you into 2020 with big savings on a new Sprint Flex Lease. This week you can save big on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus or the Google Pixel 4.

The idea of a lease might be a bit different, but Sprint is offering savings that are hard to ignore. As part of the Samsung Galaxy Forever you can even upgrade to the latest Galaxy device every 12 months. Read more

Having trouble with face unlock on your Pixel 4? You’re not alone

The only biometric unlock option that the Pixel 4 offers is face unlock. Sadly, the feature is not working as intended for some users. Compiling user complaints from Reddit, XDA Developers, and the Pixel support forums, Android Police reports that Pixel 4‘s face unlock is simply failing for a bunch of users. Re-enrolling faces or resetting the phones also fails to solve the problem. Read more

Can’t see app icons on your Pixel phone? You’re not alone


A weird bug has befallen Pixel smartphones, making app icons disappear from the phones. Pixel devices on Android 10 with the December 2019 security patch seem to be affected.

9to5Google reports that the the bug makes app icons invisible on the Pixel Launcher. Instead of the icon, a blank space appears with the name of the app and the background wallpaper on the phone takes over the empty space. However, users are still able to open the app by tapping its name. Read more

Got a Pixel 4 but didn’t get December update? Expect a two in one update soon

The Google Pixel series is traditionally ahead of the pack when it comes to system and security updates, but some Pixel 4 owners are being left in the lurch.

This is particularly evident with the December 2019 security update, which seems to have missed quite a few Pixel 4 devices. Now, Google has confirmed on Twitter that it will be bundling the December 2019 security update with its January 2020 patch. Read more

You can take pictures with the Google Pixel 4 face unlock IR camera

The Google Pixel 4 packs 3D face unlock capabilities, using a combination of IR cameras, a dot projector, and a flood illuminator to scan your face.

It’s a pretty advanced feature compared to fingerprint scanning, even though the Pixel 4’s solution isn’t as secure as it should be. But did you know that you can actually take pictures with one of the phone’s IR cameras? Read more

Google Pixel 4 update quietly introduced two more important tweaks

Update, December 23, 2019 (2:08AM ET): Google’s December 2019 update is slowly making its way to Pixel 4 users around the world, and we already know it introduces e-SIM support on T-Mobile.

Now, XDA-Developers has uncovered two more additions in the update, in the form of dual-frequency GPS and ever-improving Face Unlock. The former feature is available on several flagship phones these days, delivering more accurate location tracking. Read more