Hiruy Amanuel Discusses Some of the Hidden Costs Involved in Accepting Venture Capital

Every startup business is likely to experience capital formation issues, which often cause young businesses to suffer delays and competitive disadvantages that can stifle growth or keep a company from ever really getting off of the ground. Venture capital funding is a fantastic source of necessary startup capital. When working with the right investors, startups can have amazing access to high-level advice and talent along with the cash they need to operate and grow. As is the case with most benefits, however, there can be costs. In this article, tech investment expert Hiruy Amanuel discusses some of the potential pitfalls involved in accepting venture capital investments that are not always obvious. Read more

20 African Founders to Get $50k Yearly as Future Africa Launches Early-Stage Investment Fund

Iyin Aboyeji’s Future Africa initiative has launched an early stage investment fund that will grant as much as $50,000 to 20 startups yearly. The fund is coming in as an improvement on Future Africa’s initial vision to be a training ground for African founders and their startups. Read more

Unlocking south-south and southeast Nigeria’s 60 million

For four days beginning October 29, two members of the TechCabal team were in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state for the 5th edition of the StartupSouth conference. The annual gathering, an initiative of convener Uche Aniche, is geared towards encouraging technology and business innovation in the region in order to grow its capacity substantially in the near future.  Read more

China Has 700+ Blockchain Companies, According to Industry Study

The China Electronic Information Industry Development announced that Chinese blockchain enterprises exceed 700, with over 500 relevant investments reported.

China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID) announced on Oct. 27 that there are over 700 blockchain enterprises in China, with over 500 relevant investments reported. Read more

Why Blockchain Startups Fail

Too many blockchain startups fail. Here is how we can change this, and how the industry can support them better.

It’s no secret that starting and successfully launching a blockchain project is hard. When it comes to an ever-evolving and complex technology, getting a project off the ground takes more than just a great idea — it requires a dedicated team with the vision, expertise and resources to succeed. Read more

Disha Wants to Help you Create a One-Page Website for Your Business

Do you need a website for your business? Absolutely yes!

Websites are very important for the growth of brands and that includes small businesses. This is because your website serves as your online store, and is not restricted to business hours – plus it lets you advertise for free. So, unless you are not interested in growing your business – however large it is, a website is needed. Read more