Crypto Fights for Freedom in India’s Supreme Court, Critics Cite Risk

As India’s Supreme Court inches closer to giving its final verdict on RBI’s crypto ban, experts believe the judgment will favor crypto.

Following the session that took place last August, a three-judge panel from India’s Supreme Court reconvened once again this week to discuss the much-hyped Crypto v. RBI case. During the last hearing, the Supreme Court had asked the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to clarify its position as to why exactly it enforced a nationwide banking ban on the country’s crypto market, as well as to discuss the seemingly unconstitutional nature of its aforementioned move.  Read more

Is Central Asia the New Safe Haven for Crypto Mining Amid Iran-US Crisis?

Are cryptocurrency mining operations moving from Iran to Central Asia in pursuit of stable cheap energy grids?

Recently, the cryptocurrency mining community has been shaken with rumors of Chinese miners leaving Iran — where crypto mining is authorized as an industrial activity — for Central Asia. The move has ostensibly been taken in an attempt to find a new safe haven amid the tensions between the United States and Iran, as well as rising oil and energy prices. Read more

In The U.S., Can Men Sue For Gender Discrimination?

In the workplace of the 21st-century, most people believe gender discrimination is a thing of the past. While this would be a nice scenario, it is unfortunately not the case at all. In fact, gender discrimination continues to exist, and in some ways is more rampant than ever. Though the majority of cases involving discrimination of one’s gender are brought by women, the fact is more and more men are also bringing lawsuits of this nature into courts across the country. If you are facing a situation such as this and contemplating whether or not to bring a discrimination lawsuit against your employer, here are some ways a gender discrimination attorney can be of assistance.
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New Hampshire’s Second Bill to Accept Bitcoin as Tax Payment Fails

The U.S. state of New Hampshire fails to pass its second bill to accept crypto for tax payments due to the high volatility of Bitcoin.

Lawmakers in the New Hampshire state legislature have killed a bill that would have allowed state agencies to accept cryptocurrencies as payment for taxes.  Read more

Ex-CFTC Chairman to Promote Blockchain-Based USD in New Think Tank

J. Christopher Giancarlo, ex-CFTC chairman aka “Crypto Dad” has started a think tank to promote the blockchain-based U.S. dollar.

J. Christopher Giancarlo, former chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), plans to promote the blockchain-based United States dollar with a new think tank. Read more

US Congress Looks at Role of Crypto and Internet in Funding Hate Crimes

The House Financial Services Committee raised concerns over the use of crypto to fund domestic terrorism in the United States in a recent hearing.

The House Financial Services Committee has raised concerns over the use of cryptocurrencies to fund domestic terrorism in the United States. Read more