Why Centralized Exchanges Are Decentralizing

The traditional financial system has been reshaping from its very core — the concept of trust — through blockchain, decentralized in nature.

In an industry built on an ethos of decentralization and the empowerment of individuals, where the key idea is that each and every person should have control of their own wealth and begin acting as their own bank, we’ve seen centralized custodial exchanges lead the charge up until now. Now, as the industry continues to develop ethos, we’re seeing centralized exchanges beginning to adopt more properties of decentralization. Read more

NL MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY!! Social Media Is Killing Many Nigerian Youths Slowly – You Might Be One Of Them (FIND OUT HERE)

Social media is surely a great place to be but if you’re not careful, you might get frustrated and loose morale with what you see there.

I have many friends who are social media addicts, they cherish their social media image than what they are in real life.

Friends that we drink garri together, you won’t see them post it on social media but let them see one opportunity to enter a beach, eatery or fun place, you see them blasting pictures everywhere. Read more